“Being in business is a lot like dating … it’s all about building relationships” 

 Anne Williamson

If you’re a growth hungry business owner who is looking for someone who thinks outside the box … and is NOT like a conventional marketing company … read on.

Instead of me telling you what I am like to work with, how wonderful I am etc 😉 I would rather find out about you and your business and what it is you are really looking to achieve. Then, and only then, can we BOTH decide if the fit is right and how we will work together.

5 reasons why businesses work with me

  • My insightful nature often brings about ‘lightbulb’ moments in those that I work with – the benefit of being an outsider who’s judgement isn’t clouded
  • I am a straight talking – no holds barred and I will say those things no one else dares say sometimes, because it brings great results.
  • My experience saves you time and stops you wasting money, as I show you what works and doesn’t work.
  • I believe in transfer of knowledge, so your business benefits from my experience being passed on to your team, so they use what they have learned forever
  • I am independent and work alongside your team, complementing their existing skills with my experience and skills

4 things I look for in those I work with

  • You are passionate about your customers and your product
  • You really want to grow your business on a grand scale
  • You are willing to take action and have the man power to help you do so
  • You are open minded about suggestions and feedback

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, please contact me.

Customer Testimonial

Anne worked with us to help us develop our Business Development Strategy for one year, three years and five years into the future. We knew we needed help and guidance with business development and marketing, but we were initially sceptical about pulling in outside help – having set the business up ourselves we wanted to know we were bringing in the right person. Anne worked closely with us over a number of weeks and really engaged with us – she helped the 2 Directors to develop a single Vision for the business and to make sure it aligned with our personal ambitions. She made us look at some things differently, and on other issues she reinforced our views. We had very open conversations with Anne and she really took the time to find out what exactly our business does and who our customers are. She was really positive about our business and how we might take it forward. The end result was a set of short, medium and longer term objectives for our business development and marketing – all of which feel very achievable. We’re continuing to work with Anne – she’s now helping us to keep a focus on implementing our Strategy and I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Ian Yates, Flinders Chase

Please do check out a whole load more of my testimonials, as it’s not what I say that matters, it is what those who have engaged me previously think.

People I have worked with

I’ve been involved with NatWest for a number of years. Run a session for Business Relationship Managers in Lancaster, delivered a workshop to the Northern Conference of Private Banking Managers and done short talks for several of the Women In Business meetings.


FubHub asked me to deliver my ‘Whose Knickers Are You Wearing?’ talk to a group of over 40 business women.





I’ve run a couple of half day workshops around marketing on a limited budget for start ups and established businesses.





I have delivered 2 different presentations over the past few years ‘Whose Knickers Are You Wearing?’ and ‘Love Letters for Business’








I was asked to talk about my experience as a mentor, along with one of my clients at the Northern Conference on National Mentors Day.




The organisers approached me to deliver a workshop based around their theme of ‘Showcase Yourself’ at the Northern Conference.