Customer Service Training

Your company’s future depends on the way you stand out from your competitors when a customer does business with you. If I had a pound for every time someone said to me that customers buy on price I would become known as the £1 lady! If customers always bought on price we would all be driving the same cars, eating the same food and wearing the same types of clothes.


What happens if you feel price is an issue?

Nowadays it is even easier for customers to find the specific product you are selling and browse the web to see if it is cheaper somewhere else. You can actively use this to your advantage … by having employees wander around your store with ipads, showing customers who are querying the price and then demonstrating the level of customer service and after service available at your store, you can keep them as a customer.


Who lets you down with customer service?

Have you got companies that you will NEVER ever do business with, because of their customer service, no matter how cheap the product? I know I have! Don’t let your company turn into one of those companies.

Most of my articles are around customer service as I feel so strongly that this is the one area in a business that causes the downfall of businesses that have great products and services. When I was a marketing manager I was told that I was the most customer focussed person in the business (and it was true) not bad for a marketing person, especially when there was a customer service manager in the business!

Do you secret shop your own company? What happens when a customer rings you up? Messages you through your social media pages? What would you do different if you thought your business was being filmed for a TV programme?

If these questions have got you thinking, let’s talk about how customer service training would help your business grow and also build a happy team.

Customer Service Training

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