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Having 2 sales peaks in your year through new registration sales is great … so how much better would it be to eradicate the troughs in sales that follow those peaks! Using Lucrative Marketing’s Interrogative Marketing techniques will open up the wealth of information you hold within your dealership. The level of information revealed through Interrogative Marketing uncovers areas of untapped potential, which sections of your garage are needing attention and what you can do about it.

By taking these insights your garage and working together we will develop an action plan specific to each garage within your dealership. More often than not one of the garages within your chain will have been behind target.

By using the interrogative marketing techniques as part of the marketing process you will cut your spend on advertising and your new marketing activity will attract new customers to your premises, who are serious about their next purchase. If you’re spending a fortune on adverts and promotional literature give me a call.

Your new and used car sales teams will be focussed on selling and adding on the extras that generate more profit, with confidence as your showroom will have a buzz about it. Your after sales, and service teams will continue to develop the relationships with your customers that ensures your customers develop into customers for life.