Your business

Lucrative Consulting has developed a 3 step system that will cut your marketing spend whilst increasing sales and more importantly profit. Your business is all about your customer - growing your business using the 3 steps of...

  • Finding out who your customer really is
  • Learning how to start profitable conversations with them
  • Discovering why you should be asking your customers to help grow your business

This system can be used in any industry, and if you have more than 20 employees or spend more than £250k a year on marketing activity you will definitely see a massive benefit. As an independent consultant I only work with business who have a turnover of £1 million+ and you need to have at least one team member who is dedicated to marketing, to bring about the positive changes in your business.

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Professional Services Industry

Whilst professional services all are excellent at discussing their own industry with others in the same industry, marketing their services to clients and potential clients is a challenge most professional services face.

Professional Services use Lucrative Consulting, as they realise that selling a service rather than a product is perfect for relationship marketing. With a wealth of untapped knowledge at your fingertips you can magnetically attract new clients to your business by differentiating your practice from others in the same field.

Using relationship marketing for Professional Services enables you to spend time doing the bit of your job that you love, whilst bringing a steady stream of new business to you. Your clients will refer new business and understand the whole array of services you may offer, and be asking you about them, rather than you starting the 'did you know we also do... additional services' chat.

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Automotive Industry

Having 2 sales peaks in your year through new registration sales is great ... so how much better would it be to eradicate the troughs in sales that follow those peaks! Using Lucrative Consulting's techniques will open up the wealth of information you hold within your dealership. The level of information revealed will uncover areas of untapped potential, which sections of your garage are needing attention and what you can do about it.

By taking these insights your garage and working together we will develop an action plan specific to each garage within your dealership. More often than not one of the garages within your chain will have been behind target.

By using these techniques as part of the marketing process you will cut your spend on advertising and your new marketing activity will attract new customers to your premises, who are serious about their next purchase. If you're spending a fortune on adverts and promotional literature give me a call.

Your new and used car sales teams will be focussed on selling and adding on the extras that generate more profit, with confidence as your showroom will have a buzz about it. Your after sales, and service teams will continue to develop the relationships with your customers that ensures your customers develop into customers for life.


Hopitality Industry

Uncover the incredible potential in your restaurant business, which will stop you wasting another penny on advertising, and ensure you have more bums on seats at every sitting. Your restaurant probably has the most amazing food, with a menu perfectly executed by a chef who is passionate about food. Your front of house is a well oiled machine, and all this is reflected in the beauty of your surroundings. Even with the best food, service and surroundings you will have some sittings where your overheads are just covered by the covers booked in.

If you are spending money each week on advertising, have a loyalty card and marketing programme in place that appears to bring in little return then you are perfectly placed to benefit from the 3 step process of Customerisation. Your restaurants will be full of raving fans - those customers who are no longer just sat enjoying a meal ... they are telling everyone they know about your restaurants.

Customerisation ensures your restaurant is bringing to the table exactly what customers and potential customers want. You will have a group of raving fans who will help shape your restaurant chain and take it to the next level of growth, and give you such insights that many corporations pay hundreds of thousands of pounds for.

Unleash the potential growth in your business, by starting a conversation with me now and you will soon be saving money on marketing and seeing profits grow as your reservations flood in.