Marketing Plan

Marketing Action Planning for your business

Do you find yourself doing your own marketing or leaving it to one side as it seems too complicated? The marketing action plan session could be just what you need right now.

Many business are running their businesses with little marketing preparation. This is like getting in your car and hoping to get to Inverness by just driving and seeing where you end up. You just wouldn’t do it.

The common reason I hear for the a lack of marketing action plan, from business owners,  is that they don’t know how to put a marketing action plan together. Maybe this is you?

In 3 hours, you'll learn

  • What to include in your marketing action plan and align with your objectives
  • Who you should be researching and why it’s so important
  • When and how to analyse and adapt your plan.

Having a plan in place will not only save you time and money it will stop you making costly mistakes time and again.

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