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June was a busy one for talks with 4 sessions at Old Trafford as part of NatWest Bank’s Northern Conference, where I worked with around 100 private bankers. This talk was personalised content for the bank after one of the area managers had seen a presentation I had done a few months before.

I also ran a workshop for the North West Virtual Assistants Conference in Manchester. This workshop was hands on and was focused on ‘being stand out’. Topics covered included understanding customers, collecting feedback, writing case studies and the value of testimonials.

The end of July saw the launch of my ‘Are you a one night stand business?’ book initially available at one of my talks or by emailing me … but by the end of the year it will be available on Amazon and there will be a Kindle version.

I also presented a marketing talk to the Ribble Valley Tourism Group to mainly hospitality businesses based in the Ribble Valley area.

Want me at your next event?

I’m available for speaking engagements or workshops from 30 minutes through to full days, based on getting to know your customer, developing real relationships with them, turning them into raving fans which grows your business, whilst slashing your marketing spend. I am more than happy working with you to fit my talks around your themes/topics.
In these interactive, fun and informative sessions companies learn how to turn their customers from being a one night stand into a long lasting loving relationship.

Here’s what a couple of attendees have to say …

Anne gave a fantastic presentation at the NWVA conference last week. I found her style very down to earth and entertaining, without all the jargon you often get from marketing seminars. Her advice to improve how we should showcase ourselves with our marketing materials has really given me some good action points to work through to improve my content and how I approach prospective clients. I may not look at my clients quite the same now in light of the opening session, but I have identified a common factor with the majority of them, that has been staring me in the face, that I need to capitalise on.
Julia Page

I attended one of Anne’s workshops last week and I really found it hugely enjoyable. The content was perfect for the context of the conference, which was ‘showcase yourself’. The session was relaxed, there was lots of interaction with Anne and amongst the attendees, and some parts of it were downright hilarious .
At the same time, I also learnt A LOT and got some tremendous ideas and tips to take away and act on now without too much effort. I am sure they will make a real difference to my marketing strategy.
Looking forward to the next time, Anne!
Debby Marcy

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