Sometimes businesses are looking to add in an extra ‘something’ to help their marketing team. Here are a selection of adhoc items that may be what you are looking for…

Book – Are you a one night stand business?

So many businesses from one man bands through to multi nationals treat their customers like one night stands. They go after new customers constantly and as you will see quoted everywhere, this is the most expensive way to run a business (between 5 and 7 times more expensive).

Even if your product is only sold once to a customer, you should never drop them after they have made that all important purchase. This book shows you how being in business is just like dating … it’s all about building relationships.  Filled with real life stories and hints you will find your head hitting your hand in those ‘doh!’ moments.

Email me direct for your copy £9.99 inc UK p+p


Comments from readers

“A thought provoking, clever look at the link between human nature and business”

Derrick Lynagh, Yorkshire Bank


“Anne…. simply Brilliant! I recognise all the stages and more importantly how they relate to business… exactly what the title says”

Gary Davies, Tapeswitch


“I feel that the book shows personality which I believe is a rare commodity in books such as this one”

Melanie Clarke, Lancaster and Morecambe College

Letters to adapt

Having written sales letters for more years that I care to remember, I have a selection of low cost generic letters, that you or your marketing team could adapt for use in your business.

Over the course of the past 20+ years most of the businesses I’ve worked with have wanted letters written to help them gain new business, develop a follow up system or to go alongside surveys, etc.

Whilst I write bespoke letters for businesses it might be that you’re looking for low cost generic letters, for you or your marketing team to adapt to your business. If this is the case then drop me an email with the type of letter you are looking for.

The Measles Test

Use this simple test to determine how effective your written copy is…

What is the Measles Test?

This test shows you the simple mistakes that most businesses make with their copy, how to fix it (before and after examples) and then the rest is down to you.

… using this one simple technique will quite literally turn ALL and I mean ALL your written marketing material on its head, bringing your business amazing sales results.

After you’ve seen this technique in action you will Measles Test everything you do and will find yourself uttering two important words to yourself.

If you feel you have the capacity in-house to adapt your own copy without attending the half day copywriting course, please do send for the measles test. This could be the best £20 you spend on your business.

You will see where many businesses make schoolboy errors even before they start to write copy, then the simple mistakes that most businesses make with their copy, how to fix it (before and after examples) and then the rest is down to you.

Alternatively come along on a half day copywriting course.