In a few short meetings I have learned and experienced several of Anne’s attributes – She is confident, ambitious, forward thinking and a good team builder. I am particularly impressed by her energy and enthusiasm for work and fun.

Cornel Sampson, AnnectoUK

I really liked Anne’s no nonsense approach. Where we hadn’t got our message right, we wanted to know and Anne did just that. She was able to give great advice and examples which not only helped us to rethink our website, but also how we might be able to target different markets. CC, UCLAN

I met Anne recently when she presented at a VA Conference in Manchester. She was a breath of fresh air with energy and enthusiasm for helping businesses. I was given the opportunity to have a call with Anne where we discussed marketing for my VA businesses. She came up with a number of ideas – one of which I have run with. It’s been enlightening to receive feedback using this method and know this will help me to grow my business and serve my clients better. Thank you for your time and would recommend Anne to help you get your marketing moving in the right direction.

Michelle Poole, Virtual Assistant

I attended one of Anne’s workshops last week and I really found it hugely enjoyable. The content was perfect for the context of the conference, which was ‘showcase yourself’. The sessionwas relaxed, there was lots of interaction with Anne and amongst the attendees, and some parts of it were downright hilarious .

At the same time, I also learnt A LOT and got some tremendous ideas and tips to take away and act on now without too much effort. I am sure they will make a real difference to my marketing strategy.

Looking forward to the next time, Anne!

Debby Marcy, Virtual PA assisting coaches and creative thinkers to ‘Delegate, Focus and Grow’

Anne gave a fantastic presentation at the NWVA conference last week. I found her style very down to earth and entertaining, without all the jargon you often get from marketing seminars. Her advice to improve how we should showcase ourselves with our marketing materials has really given me some good action points to work through to improve my content and how I approach prospective clients. I may not look at my clients quite the same now in light of the opening session, but I have identified a common factor with the majority of them, that has been staring me in the face, that I need to capitalise on.

Julia Page. Admin Anywhere

Great marketing presentation from Anne – really practical advice delivered in a humorous way. Loved your knickers too Anne!

Paula Le Flohic, Mother Goose at Nanny&Co

I’ve worked with Anne for six fabulous months on my business. In that time Anne has helped me to focus on my business offer, think about my ideal clients and subsequently helped me to convert this thinking into effective communications and marketing. Anne certainly helped me ‘step up’ my game and take me to the next level.

I would highly recommend Anne to work with you. She is super friendly and also an excellent challenge to your business.

Lindsey West, LWO

Anne helped me to develop a marketing plan which will support the growth of my business. She is very approachable and easy to talk to and has encouraged me to consider different approaches. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to other individual’s and companies who are looking for a professional and effective business coach or mentor. Thank you Anne.

Jane Ayrton Dip.C.Hyp.NLP, Confidence Coffee House

Absolutely loved a network event where Anne was presenting yesterday.

I took a break from Insurance for 18m and worked in Marketing and still took away an A4 sheet of tips to apply to the marketing plan for the office 🙂

Anne’s approach and different way of thinking was refreshing. If you are looking for somebody to think outside of the box, generate you leads and work as your marketing dept. I have no doubt that Lucrative Marketing would be the perfect fit for you!

Micheala Martin, Countrywide Insurance

If you want to give your company a boost with marketing, you need to meet Anne. She is a friendly, approachable, knowledgeable person who is full of insights into bringing your brand in front of your most important clients. The best thing about Anne is her personality, easy to speak to and happy to help with lots of ideas and suggestions. She has opened my eyes to the world of marketing and I have a new insight into social media marketing. Anne doesn’t just follow a formula, she genuinely gets to know your business and provides bespoke ideas to help it grow.

Mark Selby, FOSB

Anne Williamson: Mentor, Inspiration, Friend.

I worked with Anne over for a few months whilst transitioning from customer services into the sales and marketing sphere in my current workplace.

It was a very valuable experience which opened opportunities for me within the business and honestly, within myself.

Anne helped me gain confidence in my ideas and gave me the tools about how to implement them within the business on a very personal level. She really took the time to understand who I am and how I operate. Any obstacles I encountered were quashed with stories from her life time in the marketing environment and this allegorical method of tutoring settled me and helped me to believe that any difficulties I am facing have already been faced and dealt with many times before.

The best part about working with Anne was her easy going friendly approach. We became good friends during the time she mentored me. She is highly professional whilst also always being fun. She has a refreshing no-nonsense approach to business which is something I really admire.

I am so grateful for everything. Anne is an amazing woman.

Rebecca Rogan, Customer Service and Sales Representative at Hangerworld Ltd

We had a great time working with Anne – she provided sound advice and gave us some novel ideas for marketing which have already given us outstanding results. Her thorough and professional approach really helped us understand more about the impact of various marketing strategies, and she undoubtedly has an amazing capacity to help deliver results. We’ll be making sure we tap into Anne’s expertise as we move towards our exciting rebrand project.

Dave Rigby ♦ Resourcing and HR Services, Our Bobs Jobs

I lack words to express, how grateful I am to Anne for her help. I am a budding company, which has a long way to go. Thanks to her knowledge, experience and professionalism, she was able to give me more confidence and show me strategic marketing direction for my business.

What I really would like to say is that I’m craft-loving mum and art photographer, not like most very important entrepreneurs. But Anne treated me on a par as a large company, that introduces new marketing strategies. Therefore I am even more grateful for her help and her valuable time. BIG THANK YOU Anne!

Zofia Zasempa, AZ Workshop ART & AZ Zasempa Photography

I had the pleasure of meeting Anne after having sat through one her fabulous presentation at a local Business Expo. Almost immediately, I knew that this was the type of lady I could do business with. Professional, personable, knowledgeable and highly creative – someone who really thinks ‘outside the box’.

The content of the presentation left me with a real hunger for more and as promised, I received a telephone call from her only a couple of days later. Just a short while into our conversation, I already felt that she completely understood what my aims were and she was able to make some excellent initial suggestions, which I undertook with haste.

I’m very much looking forward to working with Anne more closely in the forthcoming months to help me gain a different perspective on my target market and to help grow my business further.

First impressions? – Fab! Would I recommend her? – Absolutely!

Anne-Marie Armstrong, Amberry Consulting

I’ve worked with Anne since 2015 and she has been extremely helpful with invaluable nuggets of information which really brought focus to a strategic marketing direction for my business. Anne is a pleasure to work with and has a knack of sparking ideas off which can be easily implemented and make a big difference. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Anne to anyone who is looking to work with a mentor that is imaginative, business savvy and great fun!

Paul Hough, Creative Director, Think!Creative

Anne worked with us to help us develop our Business Development Strategy for one year, three years and five years into the future. We knew we needed help and guidance with business development and marketing, but we were initially sceptical about pulling in outside help – having set the business up ourselves we wanted to know we were bringing in the right person. Anne worked closely with us over a number of weeks and really engaged with us – she helped the 2 Directors to develop a single Vision for the business and to make sure it aligned with our personal ambitions. She made us look at some things differently, and on other issues she reinforced our views. We had very open conversations with Anne and she really took the time to find out what exactly our business does and who our customers are. She was really positive about our business and how we might take it forward. The end result was a set of short, medium and longer term objectives for our business development and marketing – all of which feel very achievable. We’re continuing to work with Anne – she’s now helping us to keep a focus on implementing our Strategy and I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Ian Yates, Director at Flinders Chase

I have known Anne only a short time, but I am absolutely delighted that I have “found” her. In business it is not enough just to be good at what you do, it is more important to be memorable. Anne is unforgettable. Her knowledge is simply breathtaking. She has just run 2 seminars for us at Blackpool Council and both were well attended with a very appreciative audience. I now consider her to be a friend as well as an associate. If you re looking for a Guru to assist with growing your business, she is the person to call. Seminars, 121’s she does the lot. A true Star (and she’s nice too!)

Geoff Reeves, Small Business Adviser Blackpool Council

I had the honour and pleasure to attend a seminar delivered by Anne “whose knickers are you wearing” along with other business professionals. The content was relevant and excellently delivered, Anne was able quickly establish the level of the group and ensured that the seminar was delivered at the right level. The content was informative and relevant. I would recommend Anne to any business looking to refresh or train their staff in how to start and grow your business.

Bev Baxter, Director at Baxter Life Training Ltd and Baxter Life Care Ltd

I launched my new company this year and was incredibly lucky to be given Anne as my mentor. Anne has really helped me focus on strategy, marketing and the direction I should take the company. She is clever, resourceful, imaginative and great fun. Can’t recommend her highly enough!

Liz Bloor, Ribble Film, Film Maker for Corporate and Television

I have found Anne not only to be an expert in the marketing field but also approachable, professional and very quick to communicate. We have also received excellent feedback from her mentees who where all hoping to start new businesses. I would like to thank you Anne for all your help so far and say it has been a pleasure to work with you.

Jennifer Swarbrick, Business Advisor at NW Lancs Chamber of Commerce

Anne, well what can I say, you came in, listened to what was happening and changed and moved us into another direction. love the way you made ME think outside the box, which is odd for alternative funeral business..

The letter you put together for me, which has now gone out to 80% of my client base, please note Anne, all had written envelopes, as I was having trouble with a competitor who had tried to muscle his way into my clients, was brilliant..in fact I have now had an increase in business along with a write up in our Business Journal.

Once again thank you for everything…

Gary Isaacs, You Will Hear Us…. Before You See Us…Garys Trike Hearse

Seriously if you need direct action then call Anne, I achieved more in a 3 hour 1:1 brain storming session with Anne than 10 months on my own !

Don’t delay book today !

Michael Kearney, Sales & Marketing Professional

Anne proved to be a practical, thorough and very knowledgeable marketing mentor. She has a vast amount of expertise and her ability to apply it to businesses of any size, in any sector is remarkable.

I was very pleased with the help and direction we received and would recommend Anne in an instant, a real pleasure to work with.

Brian Curran, Key Plus

Anne was a great help in identifying my market sectors and focusing on reaching my target. Using the example of underwear to explain sectors was refreshing to hear and really easy to connect with. Anne’s support has been really useful and her style is wonderfully simple, straight and direct. She has enabled me to simplify a very garbled message. Anne’s help can’t be forgotten.

Colin Cliffe, Experienced CIMA Accountant

Following a recommendation, Anne very kindly gave a presentation to our NatWest Women in Business group in Blackburn. Anne was really accommodating and came up with some great ideas and suggestions for the event. Her talk was very humorous and engaging, whilst at the same time delivered some really important key messages. Feedback from the event was excellent. Anne is great fun and a pleasure to work with – highly recommended.

Norma Greenwood DipACB, Business Relationship Manager, NatWest Bank

Anne was a guest speaker at one of our Business Development Seminars and we received great feedback from the delegates. Her presentation was both thought provoking and relevant to the business owners in the room and therefore I am sure if people were to work on their business one to one with her they would be able to implement initiatives that will see their business grow.

Martin Rayner, at Wilds – The Business Builders

Anne has a great sense for determining what makes a website work. She starts by performing an overall assessment and then makes detailed notes and suggestions on how things could be improved. Her work for one of our proposals has helped us to secure a website commission from a major hotel group. Because of this and how easy she is to work with, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to anyone who’s serious about getting the most from their website.

Ed Christiano, MD at Deeper Blue

I met Anne via the Women’s Business Network – Lancashire, we sat chatting about what we did and Anne suggested, we met to discuss my business and my Marketing Plan.

I followed up Anne’s invitation and all I can say is WOW!

I am I so glad I did, I had not realise that there was more to Marketing then Business Cards and Flyers, sat in Anne’s company for half an hour was incredible.

Her talent is utterly amazing, she just sat, asked one or two questions and before I knew where I was I had the solution to a problem that really had me befuzzled.

The relief is unexplainable, I now feel I can move forward with clarity and a plan regarding promoting both myself and my company confidently.

Thank you Anne, I am so glad I met you.

I would recommend anyone contacting you for help regarding Marketing and self-promotion. Diabetes Complete Care UK will definitely be knocking at your door again.

Maureen Chadwick, Director & Founder Diabetes Complete Care Ltd

I met Anne at 4N where she was holding a marketing talk – it was both engaging and fun and a very effective way of getting her main marketing points across.

Katja Gottschalk, Owner at PC Harmony

Would I recommend Anne? without a shadow of a doubt, Anne is a great lady to know and have on your side, anyone who is just thinking of getting involved with Anne should stop procrastinating get on the phone straight away

Anne makes you see things from a totally different perspective and has given me invaluable insights into what being your own brand really means, equally comfortable in working with massive companies down to the “solopreneur’s” of this world like me

I am blessed to have met Anne and will enjoy working with her more in the future

Michael Kearney, Sales & Marketing Professional

You know when you meet someone and you instantly think I’d like to do business with this person? Well Anne was just one of those people. Very knowledgeable about getting the best out of your marketing, extremely creative, kind, caring and a great sense of energy. She helped me when I had become stuck and, following a brainstorming session, I had lots to work on. Step one of the process immediately produced an increase in work flowing into my business. I would recommend Anne to anyone who needs to look at their marketing from a fresh angle. She gives a great presentation too!

Pamela Clark, Owner at all things Sorted – VA of the Year North West Region 2017 Runner Up

I met Anne briefly yesterday at a networking event.

She gave a marketing presentation to a group. Her presentation was fantastic, it was interactive, knowledgeable and extremely informative. I would highly recommend Anne, she is precise and a pleasure to deal with.

Adam Tauber

I met Anne briefly yesterday when she gave a brief marketing presentation to a small group. Her presentation was interactive, knowledgeable and informative. I later had a chat with Anne who is very friendly, helpful and willing to offer sound advice.

Mark Halliwell, Investigator

Only an hour with Anne and she came up with some great ideas for marketing an aspect of my business, looking at it from the customers point of view as well as a business. I’m already planning to book a full brainstorming session with Anne and put together a real marketing strategy going forward. I believe Anne has the talent and understanding of marketing to assist me achieve my goals. I’d recommend any business looking to either re-evaluate or invest in their marketing strategy to give Anne a call.

Paul Cryer, Wedding Videographer and Filmmaker